The artistic creation is an amalgamation of an outdoor installation and performance, crafted specifically for the 11th edition of the Internationaler Waldkunstpfad 2022 in Darmstadt, Germany. Its inception traces back to the early days of the pandemic, a period marked by widespread loss and grief. The artist penned a text during this tumultuous time, which now resonates as a tribute to life and the enduring spirit of nature.

This piece is not only a reflection of global events but also a homage to the artist’s previous home, Colombia. It incorporates elements inspired by the sacred archaeological rock art of La Lindosa, situated at the gateway to the Amazon forest. This influence is vividly represented on two large tree trunks, serving as a canvas for this cultural interpretation.

At the heart of the installation is a water basin, symbolizing the significance of lagoons in the cosmology of the indigenous peoples of the Andean mountains. This element is more than a mere physical structure; it’s a metaphorical mirror, reflecting the essence of the heavens, and connecting the terrestrial with the celestial. This artwork stands as a confluence of cultural heritage, natural resilience, and profound personal reflection.

4 is the valency of carbon = basis of life on Earth, it takes

Four weeks to close the lunar month, while the rhythm of

4 beats of music sound in the

Four chambers of a Mammalian heart where

4 blood groups float to extend through the

Four extremities, starting from the

+ of latitude & longitude into the

4 directions of the wind, where insects fly with their

Four wings to arrive at the

4 leaves of a shamrock, facing the challenges of the

Four seasons, while playing with the

4 states of matter (solid, liquid, gas, plasma) that surround the

Four elements inhabiting our planet, water, fire, wind and earth.

4 is the valency of carbon = basis of life on Earth

Making-of the artistic process:


Artists: Nina Bendzko
Format: Installation made out of old wine barrel iron rings, iron pit, stones and copper wire

Year: 2022

In collaboration with Álvaro Rodriguez Badel (Animation and Instagram filter)

More info: Waldkunst-Konferenz

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