Art work consisting of an installation and performance, produced for the 11th edition of the Internationaler Waldkunstpfad 2022 in Darmstadt, Germany (Video making-of here). Based on the following text written by the artist:

4 is the valency of carbon = 
basis of life on Earth, 
it takes
Four weeks to close the lunar month, 
while the rhythm of
4 beats of music sound in the
Four chambers of a Mammalian heart where 
4 blood groups float to extend through the 
Four extremities, starting from the 
+ of latitude & longitude into the 
4 directions of the wind, 
where insects fly with their 
Four wings to arrive at the 
4 leaves of a shamrock, 
facing the challenges of the 
Four seasons, while playing with the 
4 states of matter (solid, liquid, gas, plasma) that surround the
Four elements inhabiting our planet, water, fire, wind and earth.

4 is the valency of carbon = basis of life on Earth


Artists: Nina Bendzko
Format: Installation made out of old wine barrel iron rings, iron pit, stones and copper wire

Year: 2022

In collaboration with Álvaro Rodriguez Badel (Animation and Instagram filter)

More info: Waldkunst-Konferenz

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