I am your past

This multilingual art and science project is developed by a core group of four women artists, and establishes a dialogue between Amazonia and the Antarctic through letters, poetry, sound, and visual arts. In close cooperation with scientists, we aim to raise awareness, intellectually and emotionally, of the threats posed by climate change to these two endangered ecosystems which are interconnected and essential to the health of the planet as we know it.

In collaboration with the Alfred-Wegener-Institute.

I am your past – Chapter no.1 produced for the first edition of Digitaler Wald at the Schader Stiftung in the frame of the 11th edition of the Internationaler Waldkunstpfad 2022 in Darmstadt, Germany.


Artists: Nina Bendzko, Elizabeth Lewis Williams, Ángela Posada-Swafford, Diana María Restrepo
Year: since 2022

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