Dalila II

During the initial lockdown caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, my artist friend Sandra Miranda Pattin and I each sought refuge in the countryside, albeit on different continents. Sandra found solace in the rural landscapes outside of Florence, Italy, while I retreated to the serene outskirts of Bogotá, Colombia. In these secluded settings, our movements were restricted to brief daily walks. Despite being in remote areas, the presence of police patrols was a constant reminder of the extraordinary times, as they monitored the streets to ensure compliance with the lockdown measures.

It was during this period of isolation and limited freedom that we revisited “Dalila,” a performance project we had initiated years earlier. Inspired by our new surroundings and circumstances, we embarked on weaving a new braid, a symbol of resilience and continuity. On our daily excursions, we gathered various (natural) materials that crossed our paths: dry leaves, blossoms, seeds, and even the occasional piece of wire or denim remnants. We also incorporated dried organic matter from our meals, transforming these everyday items into elements of our artistic expression.

The outcome of this endeavor is a pair of braids, each uniquely crafted from the materials collected in our respective locations. These braids are not just artistic creations; they are metaphors for strength and fragility, embodying the resilience we found in nature and within ourselves during a time of global uncertainty. They stand as a testament to our creative spirit, thriving even in the face of constraints, and a reminder of the beauty that can emerge from the most challenging circumstances.


Performance: Sandra Miranda Pattin, Nina Bendzko
Year 2020

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