Dalila II

During the first look down due to the Covid 19 pandemic, Sandra Miranda Pattin and me both fled to the country side, but on two different continents. Sandra in Italy, outside of Florence; myself in Colombia, outside of Bogotá. Each of us just had limited to go for a walk daily. Although in the middle of nowhere, the police would do their rounds and control your presence on the street.

We decided to pick up our performance project “Dalila”, that we had started some years before: weaving a new braid! On our daily excursions we collected material that we would found on our path. Dry leaves, blossoms and seeds. A wire or leftover from a jeans… also we dried organic material from our food. The result are two fragile and at the same time strong braids.


Performance: Sandra Miranda Pattin, Nina Bendzko
Year 2020

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