The name Humboldt first resonated with me in the botanical gardens of Germany, a memory that dates back to my childhood strolls with my father. It was there, amidst the tranquility, that I first encountered the legacy of this renowned German explorer. Years later, my journey led me to South America, the land that had captivated Humboldt’s spirit and curiosity. This expedition allowed me to delve into the wonders that had once enthralled him.

Alexander von Humboldt was not just an explorer; he was a visionary who believed in experiencing nature with our entire being. “We must feel nature,” he often said. Inspired by this philosophy, I embarked on a unique project, extending an invitation to over 30 individuals from diverse backgrounds – artists, scientists, journalists, and members of indigenous communities. Our gathering took place in the heart of the El Zoque Natural Reserve, a place teeming with biodiversity and natural beauty.

This gathering wasn’t just a meeting of minds; it was a confluence of perspectives, each person bringing their unique lens to the project. Through their eyes, I began to view the landscape anew – not just as a bystander, but as an active participant in its story. We shared knowledge, insights, and emotions, creating a rich tapestry of human and natural connections. This collaborative effort transcended a simple exploration; it became a journey into the soul of the land.

Our experiences were captured in a series of images and sounds, each element carefully chosen to represent the multitude of voices and emotions that emerged from our time together. This assemblage of multimedia elements culminated in a filmic portrait of the landscape, one that tells a story beyond the visual – speaking of its enduring spirit.

For those who wish to dive deeper into the essence of this project, I invite you to explore more about the Reforesting Art Laboratory. Here, you will find a deeper understanding of our mission, our discoveries, and the profound impact of Humboldt’s legacy on contemporary environmental and artistic thought.


Written and directed by: Nina Bendzko
Camera: Irene Lema, Nina Bendzko
Colour correction: Hanna Thiesing
Sound Design and mixing: Piedad Mora
Duration: 5′ 50”
Year: 2019

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