Enrique Santos Castillo was born in the nest of journalism. He was son of the mythical writer Calibán and nephew to Eduardo Santos, by then director of “El Tiempo”, one of the biggest newspapers in Colombia.  Through official and personal archive material, interviews and news articles, we get to know the challenges of the journalist’s work during the last century and the up’s and downs of a country who lived a decades long civil war, and the difficult decisions Enrique Santos Castillo had to make.

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Written and directed by: Nina Bendzko
Produced by: Irene Lema (Ojo de Pez Digital)
Creative Producer: Luis Fernando Santos
Script Counseling: Germán Santamaía, Tatiana Andrade
Director of Photography: Carlos Hernández
Sound: Isabel Torres, Andrés Montaña
Editing: Irene Lema
Length: 52 minutes
Format: HD
Languages: Spanish
Country of Production: Colombia Production
Year: 2017

This is a television production for Señal Colombia.

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